Real people. Real food. Real change.

Real Nutrition, nutrition and health coaching, works with time-poor people and families wanting to gain understanding, confidence and consistency in healthy eating, movement and lifestyle.

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Real change

Real, lasting, change comes from small, incremental, positive daily decisions that work in with your lifestyle. 

With this in mind, we will work together to uncover barriers, break unhealthy cycles, develop confidence in healthy food choices and establish consistency in daily positive habits.

A real approach

We are all different and finding out what makes you ‘tick’ is core to our coaching style.

Through a combination of discovery and knowledge sharing, goal setting, healthy habits, menu planning and ideas, movement and consistency, together we will learn what makes you thrive, feel motivated, and more energised, ready to give work and life your all

Real life is real busy

We work with real people, living real (busy) lives. 

Family, job and travel commitments often mean our health and wellbeing takes a hit.  We understand busy schedules, and work to put in place achievable plans to alleviate the pressure of daily life. 

The results?  You feel healthier and confident knowing you are doing what your body thanks you for, and you have the mental freedom to focus your thoughts elsewhere.

Meet Rebecca

Hi, I’m Rebecca, the face behind Real Nutrition. 

From a background in the corporate world, I have lived and breathed the life you are in. I am confident that together we can find a realistic, motivating way forward for you.  

And I assure you, first hand, the change that you are about to embark on, is worth it.

Nourished : Confident : Energised

A three-month experience to take you from sluggish and unsure to nourished, focused, motivated and energised!

‘Nourished : Confident : Energised’ empowers you to integrate healthy eating and movement habits into your busy lifestyle, freeing you from overwhelm, so that you feel energised, focused, with a positive mindset.


Real, honest chat. Here you’ll find regular musings, topics of interest and tips for a healthful life.

Be sure to check in from time to time for updates.