How working with a nutrition and health coach can change your life

So what does a nutrition and health coach do? Is it a loose term that doesn’t lend itself to much at all? What is it all about and how is it different from all the other health ‘regimes’ people have been handed in the past, that no doubt fell all too quickly by the wayside.


What is a nutrition and health coach?

Similar to how we think of a sports coach, a nutrition and health coach is a professional trained in elements of nutrition and behaviour psychology, working alongside its players, or in this case clients, to get the best out of them – for them to improve their own lives.  Coach and client work, over time, to discover the best ways to mould habits and lifestyle changes that in the long term become second nature.

How does nutrition and health coaching work?

A nutrition and health coach will work with a client to identify the key problem areas and where they would rather be, in relation to their eating and lifestyle habits.  The coach then works with them to get there.  Solutions may already be in front of them but just not seen, or new ideas and education may be required. 

Through a series of

  • goal setting
  • identifying barriers and unconscious patterns
  • problem solving and knowledge sharing

they will

  • work to change common behaviours
  • become conscious of their day-to-day actions and the impact these have
  • develop consistency and form positive habits
  • recognise what their mind responds to positively
  • recognise what their body responds to positively
  • understand the value of foods and the importance of them in their nourishment.

How is working with a nutrition and health coach different from dieting?

Research shows that strict diets infrequently work in the long term.  In coaching there is no ‘quick fix’. Instead, client and coach concentrate on

  • the creation of positive patterns that work with an individual’s lifestyle
  • sharing knowledge to assist the client in understanding food and nutrients, along with its benefits to our bodies
  • helping to uncover and identify how we feel when we are giving our body what it needs
  • developing a conscious and consistent way of living.

Unlike diets, a professional nutrition and health coach should not hand over strict eating plans and leave someone to it. Instead, they work with the client to uncover exactly what they need, what already lies within them. Together they will share and explore ideas along with a variety of options, accompanied with as little or as much detail as wanted, ensuring a client remains motivated and supported, whilst remaining accountable.

Which part of a person’s health will it benefit?

If done right, all of it!  A successful coach will look holistically at the individual in front of them.  Mental, physical and emotional health should be treated equally, and this is the core value of a good nutrition and health coach. This is where the time of understanding the client’s full background and day-to-day life, becomes imperative.

How will this form of coaching lead to a lifestyle change?

A successful experience with a nutrition and health coach results in clients feeling fully empowered. They will make positive, long term changes, having reached conclusions themselves, from guidance into reasoning and understandings, perhaps where only prescription lay in the past.  Ongoing motivation is easy when new habits become ‘just what I do’ and are no longer a decision, but rather a lifestyle.  

Working with a nutrition and health coach, in a nutshell.

Sounds like something that could be for you?  I’d love to support your lifestyle change, find out how.

(First published 2022 updated 2024)

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