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A collaboration between client and coach giving space for a client to grow and/or change. You, the client, is the expert of your life, holding responsibility and accountability of outcomes, whilst the coach will facilitate and extract client-led solutions and strategies through self discovery, knowledge share, support and motivation. The coaching partnership is built to ensure relevance and drive long term success.

Whilst at Real Nutrition we are qualified to ‘meal plan’, our approach is not to prescribe, but rather look at your lifestyle, and day to day habits and how we can tweak these in a way that works for you. Of course we can go as far as you want with this, remember you are the driver. Don’t worry, we are not going to ask you to eat celery and hummus every Tuesday at 3pm (unless you love it of course!).

You will never be put under any pressure to make a decision you are unsure of. Simply let us know you’ve decided it’s not for you. No obligation means, no obligation.

These would usually fall weekly or fortnightly to ensure enough time between for any ‘own time’ tasks, whilst the frequency assists us to build consistency and ensure accountability. We recognise that ‘life’ happens though, so we do have flexibility here when planning your ideal coaching schedule. We do ask, where possible, for a minimum 24 hours notice if a scheduled appointment needs to change.

Habit alteration can take some time, therefore towards the end of the allocated sessions, we will assess your progress, your successes and get an overall sense of how you are feeling right now. At this time we can discuss further coaching options. We have a range of ongoing and returning client options, to further support your long term success.

Though based out of Whitianga, NZ, I do move around the country (or world)… via Google Meet. This not only allows us to reach further afield, but it means that you as the client don’t have to rush out the door and all of a sudden a one hour one-on-one is two hours out of your day. Google Meet is a very straightforward way to connect, not only to you, but to your home and life.