Nourished : Confident : Energised

A three month experience to take you from sluggish and unsure to nourished, focused, motivated and energised!

‘Nourished : Confident : Energised’ empowers you to integrate healthy eating and movement habits into your busy lifestyle, freeing you from overwhelm, so that you feel energised, focused, with a positive mindset.

Do any of these resonate with you?

You are feeling overwhelmed because you:

If you are someone who dreams of


Nourished : Confident : Energised

is for you!

If you are someone who is seeking the next quick fix to weight loss, or to be put on another fad diet, this programme is not for you.

Our time together integrates three key initiatives

Imagine having​


A newfound energy to embrace activities you love, unwavering focus and motivation at work, clarity around the benefits you’re giving your body and mind, confidence in the meals you serve your family, and a profound understanding of the consistency in your daily habits, decluttering your week.

In our three months working
together you will receive

One to one coaching

A combination of five weekly and four fortnightly sessions.

We begin our sessions on a weekly basis to build momentum, as we gain insights into your life, current habits and potential barriers. We will reflect, explore ideas and new ways of doing things to land on an achievable, ongoing, way forward for you.

Moving into the execution phase, our sessions will become fortnightly, giving you time and space to define, refine and master habits to gain consistent adaptations that work for you.

Weekly text support

We will keep in touch between sessions, to ensure you are on track, feeling comfortable and confident with what you are undertaking that week.  This is especially important as we move to the fortnightly 1:1 phase, supporting you with accountability, and if the need arises revising or tweaking your execution plan.

Your personal toolkit

Upon entering the course, you will receive your very own toolkit that you can use during and beyond our time together, this will include:


Throughout our time together, I’ll provide a range of other tools and resources selected specifically to align with your goals and the support you need.

Closing call

A time in which we can reflect on the commitment you have made to your goals in our time together, to celebrate your successes. 

Together we’ll ensure you are set up for success in the coming months, so that you have a clear path forward, cementing your mindset to a newfound, nourishing, lifestyle.

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One time payment
$ 1650 Save $135
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Most flexible

Three monthly payments
$ 595 Per month
  • All pricing in NZD

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