Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Smith / Nutrition and Health Coach

Hi, I’m Rebecca, your personal nutrition and health coach. 

I lived and worked the big city and frantic lifestyle for a number of years; always yo yo-ing in health, weight, and most importantly, happiness. I was on the ever-spinning treadmill of life in the fast lane until it hit me, “I’m on the wrong treadmill”!

Then I discovered my calm as a constant. Simply created from my day-to-day surroundings, lifestyle, food and exercise. I’d found my happy place.

Here’s where you come in

Now I’d like to do that for you. I want you to have your own real discovery, and enjoy it!

I’ve been there, I get it, and I understand that the ‘busyness’ is sometimes unavoidable. I want to support you to discover your personal constant, within yourself, and to navigate the reality of our lives today.

We often walk around in a less than conscious state.  Uncovering the why, what and how of daily habits and altering these for the positive can quite literally change our lives.

Our life on this planet is finite. Therefore, let’s enjoy every moment, for as long as possible! I believe we can do that by giving our bodies and minds what it really wants, and needs, to be happy – physically and emotionally.

My experience

I come armed with a Certificate in Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coaching and a National Certificate in Exercise.

Pair that with a 14 year lived-history of a stressful corporate environment, and first hand observation of numerous clients becoming conscious in their daily decisions, positively impacting their health.

I believe that you too can have what I have instilled into me – the utmost gratitude and respect for the bodies that carry us.

I’m really excited at the opportunity to help and support you to take your next step.

So let’s hear about YOU, the REAL you.

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